It’s the nurses who don’t care about patients

A while back you had a piece about hospitals in the news. My son got hurt on the rugby field at High School Bastion on 18 July and the ambulance took him to Leratong Hospital.

I arrived there at about 5pm and he was on a bed in the middle of the emergency room with a possible neck injury. I stood there while nurses were bumping past the bed and cringed at the thought that his neck might just get hurt even further.

Surprisingly the hospital was clean. I stood and watched every move and came to my conclusion, they are not short-staffed, there were two doctors attending to about 20 people and I must say they were amazing.

They attended to and checked all patients in a hour’s time, speaking to each patient as if they were human beings. Now came the part that the nurses had to play and I watched everything fall apart. There were about six or seven on staff that night and they were supposed to be in charge of sending patients for X-rays etc. They stood there chatting and seemed to be doing just nothing. If you approach them, they know you’re there but won’t look at you, as if they are superior to patients.

I had to wheel my son’s bed alone from the X-ray rooms down the hall. I was then not allowed to stand by him. All the X-ray patients were pushed into the hallway leading to the emergency room where they would lie for hours. I was not allowed to give my son anything to drink, not one patient was checked for hours in the hall. Some patients were frail old people just left unattended, thirsty and hungry.

My point is if the nurses actually do their job, the flow of the hospital would be better. If they are overworked and underpaid they should in fact just leave their job and give it to a youth that wants to work for that little money to support a family.

They have this air about them, a no-care-don’t-talk-to-me attitude. They just don’t care for patients.

I understand that the security deals with a lot of bad people but the rules drove me crazy – you can’t stand here, go there, don’t sit here, go there, there is actually no control.

We finished probably close to 10pm. One woman I spoke to said she stayed in the Leratong township and she would have to sleep at the hospital because her mother was still lying in the hallway, not being checked. For five hours patients were there not having anything to drink or to eat.

What do Health Care drill into our heads? Stay hydrated. This is not happening in the hospitals because it would probably be the nurses’ job to attend to that, and well, yes, they just don’t care.

I saw doctors doing their job but sadly no nurses .

Roelien Vorster

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