National Play in the Sand Day

Celebrate #NationalPlayInTheSandDay with some appropriate activities. Source: Pixabay

11 August is National Play in the Sand Day, the perfect day for you to embrace your inner child and play in the sand!

This is the day where the whisper of wind over your skin as you play in the sand brings back many fond memories – memories of experiences with these lovely little grains that have been moved by the billions before you ever got to play in the sandpit or built sandcastles on the beach.

Playing in the sand was originally about making artistic sandcastles and soft sculptures with sand and water but now it encompasses anything you do in the sand.

Many major beaches around the world hold contests for the best artistic works, and are decorated with busts of famous figures and immense sandcastles you can walk around in. You’ll be amazed at the intricately moulded and shaped designs that take your breath away.

To celebrate today is easy – get your friends and family together with some small shovels and buckets and enjoy the creativity that flows from you. You can build sandcastles with sticks for bridges surrounded by a moat or bury each other in the sand. It doesn’t matter how you play, as long as you enjoy yourself.

Build the house of your dreams with sand beds for ultimate comfort, or create a monument to someone or something you hold dear. You can dig with the little ones and teach them how to build the ultimate sandcastle. Write your name in the sand and let the water wash it away – giving you the opportunity to start anew on a blank canvas, or set up a small building and put the smallest child inside to rule the new sand kingdom for the day.

The things you can choose to do in the sand are nearly infinite, and fun to boot!

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