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MMC for Health and Social Development, Doctor Mpho Phalatse, Riana Mooi and councillor Sarah Wissler. Front: Councillor René Benjamin.

Florida Park — During a Women’s Day event held at the Civic Centre, women were treated to delicious treats, gifts and motivational speakers talking about how to fulfill your purpose.

The councillor for Ward 71, René Benjamin, hosted the event which was themed Know your purpose. “The aim of today’s event was to challenge women to not settle, but to continuously push themselves until they are living the lives they were meant to. I arranged for three speakers from different backgrounds to share their stories of how they became the professionals they are today,” she said.

Denise Cox also attended the event.

The guest speakers included the former Mrs Globe 2015, Riana Mooi; councillor for Ward 23, Sarah Wissler and the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Health and Social Development, Doctor Mpho Phalatse.

All three of the speakers were eager to share their journey with the women, speaking about how they had to overcome various obstacles, ranging from poverty and abuse to attempted suicide and much more, to become the women they are today.

Riana said that she wanted to share her life story and the lessons she has learned in the process, in an attempt to help other women learn from them and fulfill their purpose in life. “I want women to know that, no matter what you have been through in life, you can still overcome and rise above it, if you are determined enough,” she said.

Veronica Benjamin, Rita Valentine and Pamela Valentine enjoyed the day’s activities.

Mpho echoed Riana’s sentiments, and said that she was very excited to share her life journey – from deciding to become a medical doctor to being involved in politics – with the women. “I believe you need to be in touch with your purpose in life and be constantly aware of it. You need to be protective of it and not make any decisions that will take you away from this purpose. If you only live your life idly, you will have a meaningless day-to-day existence, and be unhappy, because your purpose will always be calling to you. You will feel hollow, because you will know that there is something greater waiting for you,” she said.

Sarah added that she would be sharing her personal experiences with domestic violence in an effort to show women in the same situation that there is a way out, and how they could move on. “I share stories from my life that I have written down in a book, from being abused as a child, and continuing into my adult life. I had to attempt suicide and almost die, before I could make the decision to live, and I believe that if I could do it and be where I am today, anyone can do it,” she said.

Wendy Skeens and Gale Fick represented the Pink Ladies Organisation.

She is in the process of opening a place of safety where abused women would be able to come for help and said,

“Should any women in the community feel threatened, be enduring abuse, or believe their lives are in danger, they should contact their female councillors immediately. We will be able to offer them assistance.”

René agreed with this, and said that South Africa Against All Rape (SAAR) was actively involved with communities in Ward 71 and they would also be able to assist where necessary.

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