Do not give money, motorists warned

The CPF is warning motorists not to give money to beggars at traffic lights. Source: Pixabay

While some people try not to notice them, for the majority it’s a moral dilemma – is this the person’s real situation, or is he just standing here to fuel his drug or alcohol addiction? Do I give money, or should I just turn a blind eye?

We have all seen them – standing at the traffic light with a handwritten poster explaining their situation, asking for a small donation.

A Facebook post from the Florida Community Policing Forum (CPF) Sector 1 is appealing to motorists to not give any money to the beggars at the traffic lights. “Although we all feel sorry for people that have fallen on hard times and are less fortunate than most of us, we have come to the conclusion that most of these beggars do not want to be helped,” the post read.

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According to the CPF, they have spoken to the beggars at all the main intersections that fall into their sector and offered them assistance with their various situations, including help with their alcohol or drug addictions, as well as temporary accommodation for those who were begging with their children at their side. But, according to them, all of these offers were refused.

“Whilst we are mindful of the high unemployment rate and poverty existing in our society, there is help for these people through various charities, but they continue to refuse help,” the CPF said.

It has also come to their attention that there are quite a few professional beggars operating in the area that do so for a living. “It is alleged that the beggar at the N1 South off-ramp and 14th Avenue intersection walks to his car that is parked further up the road after finishing his day of begging. He then returns to the same spot the next morning, to start his workday again,” said the CPF.

Reports have also surfaced of beggars becoming violent toward motorists who do not want to give them money by either hitting the vehicle or spitting on it

The other concerning factor is the beggars that are regularly seen on 14th Avenue from MTN to Checkers Hyper. They are believed to be scouts for the smash and grabbers and allegedly point out potential targets to them. “We allow them to get close enough to our vehicles to see what we have inside, [but] we need to stop this!” the CPF concluded.

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