Don’t blame Pikitup for poor management

Why blame Pikitup and accuse them of poor management?

The fault lies with every single person living in our beautiful country who litters the streets and countryside willy-nilly, and leaves our towns and cities in such appalling state.

If residents – South Africans and non-South Africans – had self-pride they would not throw waste out of vehicles windows and litter whilst walking down the street.

Pikitup should merely manage the collection of residential refuse as per their weekly rosters and empty dustbins in and around towns and cities.

Go and have a look around Princess Primary when school is out, especially in the park.

The problem starts here. Teach those youngsters it is a disgrace to litter like that, plus get the school staff to clean the areas around their schools.

Do not leave it to others.

Roelien Vorster

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