You don’t know anything about me

Hi “C”. I applaud you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to pick up carcasses, and the like. I applaud you for the time you take to bring a little neatness to your area. You challenged me to “volunteer” in your area of residence. I want to just set the record straight.

“C”, you asked why I don’t publish my surname. The Roodepoort Record has my details, which legally they should have. Nothing more nothing less.

Do you know anything about what I do, where I am involved? Nope. You do not. You have no clue.

I recently moved from Roodepoort to Randfontein. Shall I ask you to volunteer/ assist Randfontein to move cow and rabbit carcasses etc? They often write about it in the Randfontein Herald. Maybe you should come show the farmers out there how it is done.

I hope your “gardener” is supplied with the correct PPE (personal protective equipment), which is legislated BTW, in order to remove the carcasses you are so proud to remove/ bury. I hope they realise that a carcass is considered to be Bio-Hazardous waste. No wonder the contractor gave you a strange look.

Roelien Vorster

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