Not a lot of work was done there

I have written to you before on the above mentioned subject and as a result only a small bit of work was done in connection with it.

They came a little while later on but the only work they did was to burn about 70 per cent of the grass in the sanctuary. They still only cut the grass outside the sanctuary and then they leave the cut grass in piles and don’t take it away. Furthermore, there is no other work done inside at all. As a result more and more rubbish is thrown inside and is not cleaned up at all.

On the western side, where the river comes into the sanctuary from Hamberg Dam, the entire length of the river was supposed to have been cleaned up by the Roads Aagency but only about 20 metres was actually done and then only half-heartedly.

The water has turned a murky green and is becoming a very serious health hazard. The water is virtually unable to flow freely into the sanctuary, not only because of that, but also because there is still a large amount of wood and other rubbish that is blocking the passageway underneath the bridge. All that rubbish was supposed to have been taken away long ago but it was never done.

If I could get hold of the email address of the health and national conservation departments then I would have written to them as well, but I cannot find the addresses at all. If this serious matter is not sorted out immediately then it could be not only a very serious health hazard for all the residents around the sanctuary, but it could also chase all the bird life away from the sanctuary permanently.

Also – the ward councillor still seems to be uninterested in getting this matter sorted out although they always seem to be having meetings at the sanctuary, but still nothing is being done at all.

Roelien Vorster

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