Roaring blaze leaves residents worried

Smoke can be seen rising from the fires burning across the veld.

A recent blazing veld fire in the suburb had to be controlled as flames had begun to move towards the houses near Chestnut Avenue. The residents panicked as the fire roared when the wind picked up, leading them to believe that a house was on fire.

The fire was allegedly started by illegal dumpers who set fire to their materials, creating a blaze. Later in the afternoon, the fire died down and no buildings were set alight.

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Veld fires will in general spread faster uphill than downhill and with the wind rather than against it. They also spread faster where the vegetation contains quantities of dead plant material.

How to deal with a veld fire approaching your home:

= Make decisions early – carry out the planned response, that is, to evacuate or to stay.

= Dress in protective clothing.

= Wet garden and house, especially on the side of the approaching fire.

= Plug gutters and fill them with water.

= Fill baths, buckets and dustbins with water in case the water supply fails, and have mops handy.

= Seal any gaps between doors and floors using wet towels or similar items.

= Close up the house and screen off the windows.

= Take fire hoses and other fire fighting equipment indoors with you.

= Remain vigilant after the fire front has passed.

Motorists approaching fire or smoke across the road are advised to:

= Immediately reduce speed, switch on the vehicle’s headlights and emergency lights, and if visibility remains good, proceed with extreme caution.

Alternatively …

= If the smoke is heavy and visibility is poor, pull off the road, but not into the emergency lanes. Rather stay as far as possible off the road, before reaching the smoke.

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