Metrobus driver saves woman’s life

Bus-driver Mukhetwa Livingstone Mabasa. Photo: Sonwabile Antonie


A Metrobus driver saved a woman’s life earlier this month, when he rerouted his bus to Flora Clinic.

The woman was having a severe asthma attack. Bus-driver Mukhetwa Livingstone Mabasa was on his 4pm shift from Sunninghill to Westgate Mall via Rosebank on Thursday, 6 July. While the bus was in Newlands, he heard a commotion from the back of the bus about a woman who fainted.

“We treat each other as family on the bus as I have driven this route for about three years.

So when I heard the commotion, I immediately pulled the bus to the side of the road and went to check. When I assessed the situation, I could see the woman was having trouble breathing. We then realised she was having an asthma attack”

Depot Manager Joseph Ramavhoya, with Mukhetwa Livingstone Mabasa.

Mukhetwa, who is better known by his surname Mabasa, then asked his passengers if they would have a problem taking a detour to Flora Clinic as the ambulance might take a long time to reach them. Not a single passenger dissented and he drove the ailing woman to Flora Clinic to get medical attention. After taking the woman to the clinic, he returned to Newlands where he stopped and resumed his route.

“It shows how much love we all have for each other. To see someone we all know and care for in such poor health was terrifying. None of the passengers complained about me taking the woman to hospital because we saved a life.”

Mabasa said he hopes that the community realises that not all bus-drivers are bad people and that most of the drivers care for their passengers.

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“To see my passengers treat each other with so much love and care motivates me as a driver to do more for them. We are so used to each other that I notice when someone is missing. Sometimes I stop at a bus-stop only to realise nobody is getting off, and we ask about each other and our well-being. In the morning I pick up the passengers with smiles on their faces, and that is how they must still be when I take them home. When the community sees a Metrobus, I don’t want them to see something negative but only positive.”

Metrobus Depot Manager Joseph Ramavhoya said he was proud of Mabasa and his actions.

“This also shows that Metrobus has some good people and that our training, particularly in customer services, is working. Even though he took the bus off its scheduled route, his main concern was the well-being of a passenger. They are the people who pay his salary and he did nothing wrong in taking care of a passenger. It shows that he is committed in his duties as a driver and that not all bus drivers are bad people.”

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