Parents come forward after R-rated movie was shown at primary school

The promotional poster for the movie. (Photo: Google)

Although the principal of Jozua Naude Primary School claimed he received no complaints after recently screening the 17+ age-restricted movie, Keanu, more parents have come forward to express their dismay at the incident.

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One anonymous parent’s email best sums up the sentiment of the other unhappy parents:

“As a parent myself with a daughter at that school, I am very disappointed about this incident. We try our best to protect our children and not expose them to such material and for a school to actually allow such a movie which depicts violence, nudity and vulgar language is totally unacceptable and a straight violation of children’s rights.

“We entrust the school with our children and at such an impressionable age these children basically practice whatever they watch on the big screen. The school and principal were very wrong and need to own up to what they did because they definitely should have known better. I am actually very concerned about what else our children are exposed to now. The school needs to rectify this,” the parent wrote on 20 June.

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The movie contains excessive explicit language, violence, nudity scenes and glorification of drug use.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) is currently investigating the incident.

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