Vandalism causes oil-spill

The oil drained from the transformer.

An oil spillage on Ontdekkers Road was cause for concern to many motorists using this road recently.

The oil seemed to be coming from the Florida North substation, and according to Virgil James, the spokesperson for City Power, was the result of vandalism to the substation’s infrastructure.

The oil-spill on Ontdekkers Road. Photos: Supplied.

“Upon receiving call from one of the residents, I notified City Power, the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department and the Johannesburg Roads Agency,” said Caleb Finn, the councillor for Ward 70.

“On the night of 13 June, would-be vandals broke down the palisade fence at the substation to gain entry. They then went to one of the transformers and removed a valve from it. This resulted in an oil-spill that ran about 500 metres into the street. Luckily, this transformer was not connected to City Power network grid,” he said.

“JRA and a private contractor appointed by City Power cleaned up the oil-spill, both within the substation and on the road surface, ensuring motorists could drive on the road safely,” added Caleb.

“The valves and tools used to vandalise the transformer were found at the scene, and we are of the opinion that the vandals were disturbed and ran away, leaving their tools behind. City Power is currently undertaking repairs to the damaged transformer,” said Virgil.

Oil leaked from a damaged transformer at the Florida North substation.

Caleb added that residents should always report acts of vandalism at City Power sites. “Residents can call City Power Risk Management on 011 490 7911/ 7900 should they witness any such act. The control-room is operational 24 hours a day,” Caleb concluded.

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