This is not a way to conduct business

Your letter from Johannes Lombaard from Roodepoort, about the Vumatel fibre installation project refers.

Although I don’t live in your distribution area, readers might like to know that the complex I own a sectional title share in, in the northern suburbs of Roodepoort, has recently run its own Vumatel fibre project.

We were not consulted as to whether we wanted fibre, nor were we given an opportunity to choose a service provider – it was Vumatel; like it, or lump it. We were not informed about the cost of the service before the installation either – and it has since turned out that it is expensive. In this day and age of junk status and recession, one has to ask who can afford a fibre connection to the internet, and who would want one anyway, if the supplier has a monopoly and can apparently charge what it likes.

To Vumatel: If this is the way you conduct business – behind people’s backs and in the dark – I hope you go under faster than the Titanic did.

Roelien Vorster

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