City Power responds to radiation allegations

City Power infrastructure is not emitting harmful radiation. File Pic

“We strongly refute the recent allegations made on Facebook and YouTube. We want to assure residents that scientific evidence suggests otherwise and there is no need for alarm or panic whatsoever,” said Virgil James, the spokesperson for City Power.

This comes after the entity has been accused on Facebook and YouTube of their power lines emitting dangerously high levels of radiation that can harm residents’ health.

“The level measured by the complainant is more than 42 times lower than internationally accepted levels, therefore his claims of harmful effects do not make sense,” said James.

He added that the posts state a reading of about 70 milligauss, which is, according to international standards, way below the safe limit. “This reading translates to about 0,000007 teslas (unit of measurement of electromagnetic radiation), which is way below the safe limit of 0,0003 teslas,” he said.

He concluded by saying, “If you compare this to the electromagnetic waves emitted by appliances such as microwaves, cellphone towers and even televisions, the amount emitted by overhead power lines are much lower. The amount of electromagnetic radiation emanating from a current-carrying conductor is set by the law of physics and has absolutely nothing to do with how the conductor is maintained. This is simply an unfounded accusation against us.”

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