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Roelien Vorster. Editor: Roodepoort Record

This past Tuesday was not a good day – not for residents and not for us. Although I don’t even have to tell you why, I will. We had no electricity for the whole day. Our offices are in Witpoortjie – the same area where nobody had electricity.It was so inconvenient because it not only caused us to fall behind with our work, we also could not send the paper to the printers on time. If you are reading this, it means we managed to make a plan to ensure you get your weekly news fix.

To make matters even worse, the stand-by generator at our offices would not start. So, what do you do when you are at the office and there is no electricity? Those of us who were not out on the road to attend a function or chase stories knit squares to help our colleagues’ blanket project to stop yourself from going bonkers.

So many residents voiced their frustration in the emails I only received the following day. One of the emails read that we obviously didn’t care about that person’s predicament because we don’t even bother to reply.

Note that our telephones are working again and we can access the internet again.

Please let us know what you did to curb the frustration caused by the lack of electricity.

Send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Until next week, stay warm and take care of one another.


Roelien Vorster

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