Fun was had

Roelien Vorster. Editor: Roodepoort Record

Fun, noise and a whole lot of chaos, of course!

Last Saturday, the Record team attended Laerskool Roodekrans’s annual carnival, and by ‘attended’ I mean we took part in the day.

We had our very own stall, decorated with banners, balloons, colouring crayons and a slide show of everybody attending the event. When I started planning the day, the school suggested a colouring competition and my first thought was, kids don’t colour in anymore, they are more concerned with the latest technological gadget.

Boy, was I wrong. At one stage there were so many children standing in the queue I started to worry that we would run out of crayons before they could finish. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I need to compliment the school. Everything was extremely well-organised, the children were well-behaved and didn’t even bicker while waiting for a specific crayon. They waited patiently until they could continue.

The bathrooms were sparkling clean, despite the number of people at the event, but above all, it was clear that everybody enjoyed the day.

To those who missed out, visit the Record’s webpage at to see all the pictures.

Thank you, Laerskool Roodekrans, for hosting us – we really enjoyed it.

Until next year, take care of one another.


Roelien Vorster

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