Residents still falling prey to ATM scammers

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The Record has once again received a slew of complaints about ATM fraud at Witpoortjie Pick n Pay, despite issuing numerous warnings in the past.

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Two other hotspots frequented by scammers are the ATMs at Witpoortjie Spar and in Anstruther Street in Discovery. The criminals are also becoming more brazen, are highly skilfull and becoming technologically more sophisticated. One victim complained that her card was swallowed by the ATM but that no one was close to her, yet a large amount of money disappeared out of her account. It is also alleged that the scammers might be making use of cellphone signal jammers to play for time. One reader rightly commented that he “does not understand why people still get scammed as there are very simple but crucial precautions that can be taken”.

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Here are some rules to adhere to when making use of an ATM:

• Have your card ready before getting to the ATM

• Never let anyone assist you

• Never force your card into the slot

• Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder

• If possible, draw money at a till in the supermarket. Most stores offer this service nowadays.

• Avoid ATMs that are known to be targeted by criminals.

• Use ATMs that are well lit and in the public eye

• If possible, get a friend or family member to accompany you to the ATM in order to act as a lookout.

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