Violence begets violence

Our children seem to have become extremely fixated on behaving violently. Why? Because moms and dads let the television baby-sit them, they argue in front of the children – often violently, have sexual relations in front of them and get intoxicated in front of them. They also don’t encourage their children to participate in after-school activities.

They teach them that violence solves everything. So we should not be surprised when our children fall pregnant from the age of 10 because another student, teacher or taxi driver has taken advantage of them. We shouldn’t be surprised that our children want to kill each other over a girl (girl-child) who has no idea this is happening because she is probably at a different school in a different location.

Parents, until your children are 16, you are the custodians of their futures. You are the ones who should be dealing with their upbringing. A television is a cold, uncultured piece of plastic without any feelings – a computer, a cellphone and a mall are exactly the same. Take back your children. Let them be children and help them learn how to deal with social conflict without trying to hurt each other! Give them peace and a future.

Roelien Vorster

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