Overwhelming evidence for fracking

While the scientific community is still dithering as to the cause of the Botswana earthquake, the overwhelming evidence points to fracking (the extraction of natural gas and oil by fracturing the shale layer with chemicals and explosives) as the cause.

Botswana has up to now been earthquake free, and the epicentre of the quake is in an area known to be leased by international mining corporations. These corporations, together with the Botswana government, have ensured that a veil of secrecy enshrouds details of their operations.

Once again, money has taken precedence over environmental concerns, with billions of dollars at stake for companies who can obtain leasing and mining rights. This earthquake should act as a wake-up call for our own government, who are considering the implementation of fracking operations in the Karoo.

Besides the well-documented ill effects of fracking on the environment, the Karoo lies on an earthquake belt, and would be susceptible to disastrous consequences, should major mining operations be implemented in this area.

I therefore call on all concerned environmentalists to protest against our government’s intention to allow fracking in the Karoo, or our children and grandchildren will bear the costs of our greed and negligence.

Roelien Vorster

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