He is not safe there

Several weeks ago, I spoke to one of your reporters regarding the presence of a man in a wheelchair parked regularly on the yellow lines at the traffic lights on the corner of Ontdekkers Road and Sonop Street. I do think my concern was followed up with the traffic department perhaps, as for a short time this person in his wheelchair was no longer there.

Unfortunately, he has returned. Am I the only member of the public who has visions of his causing an horrendous accident? It could very well be that someone trying to swerve out of the way of another vehicle collides with the wheelchair which in turn could come flying through the windscreen.

It is hazardous enough having to contend with taxis, jay walkers and potholes but to have a disabled man in the middle of the road is unbelievable. How can this be allowed? Please could someone get him to wheel himself to a spot where his presence does not put other people’s lives at risk.

I have watched him wheel himself from north of Ontdekkers onto the yellow lines so he could find a less dangerous spot. He wasn’t around at all over the festive season but in mid-January he was back.

There is an elderly blind gentleman who gets assistance most days of the week to sit outside Pick n Pay in Wilro Park and he does not create a problem whatsoever. One can respect the difficulty of being unable to see but still determined to try and eke out an existence.

Roelien Vorster

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