No one is above the law

The trauma experienced by Carl Schreiber at the hands of people who are supposed to protect us is indicative of the increasing arrogance of a police force who use the authority bestowed upon them to terrorise, bribe and steal from those who are most vulnerable.

They know that the consequences of their actions can seldom be proven, and it is practically impossible for them to be dismissed from the service. In most first-world countries, the penalties meted out to police who break the law, are harsher than those for ordinary citizens, and rightly so. A police officer represents the authority of the State, and should behave in a manner that is brings honour and respect to his uniform.

Perhaps we need to have better screening and training of future police officers, and the implementation of harsher penalties for those who abuse their powers, and bring disrepute to the police service.

No-one is above the law in a democratic society, and failure to ensure that the rotten apples are disciplined will result in ever more vigilante actions, and increase the worsening distrust between the police and public.

Roelien Vorster

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