Update: Harcourts victim unhappy with police

One of the firearms that was used during the armed robbery. (Photo: Supplied)

One of the seven victims of the armed robbery that took place at Harcourts Rhino in December 2016, Marian Adam, has expressed her disgust at the police’s explanation as to why one of the suspects had been released.

According to Roodepoort Police spokesperson, Nonhlanhla Khumalo the court let the suspect go after he explained that he was an innocent bystander who found one of the stolen phones in a dustbin at Princess Crossing. The court found that there was no evidence to the contrary. But Adam disagrees vehemently.

“I have read the police’s explanation regarding the release of the one suspect in the Record – I have never read anything more ridiculous. Lack of evidence? There was plenty of evidence. Why was no-one called to testify and where was the investigating officer during the hearing?” an indignant Adam wanted to know.

“The suspect who was released was the leader of the gang. They went from office to office, holding workers at gunpoint and demanding money and jewellery, threatening each one with ‘ … or I’ll kill you’. Four victims were tied up with cable ties and bound together. Victims five and six were huddled into the corner of an office and victim seven was severely beaten. When they eventually realised things were not going well they made a dash for it, snatching the last cellphones off the desk,” she recalled.

“The suspect was lured to Princess Crossing by an offer of compensation for the return of the phone – his accomplice fled on foot. All the victims identified the suspect.

“Not only was the said cellphone recovered, but several other phones were recovered as well as some items of jewellery. Was he also trying to return these to the rightful owners?” asked Adam.

“This matter needs to be further investigated. Why would criminals be wary of consequences if they can go running around, gun-toting, threatening to kill, when they know they will be set free by spinning a tall tale?” she concluded.

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