We need trees

It was with despair that I watched yet another big beautiful tree being chopped down this morning – a tree that I’ve had the privilege of seeing a Cape Eagle Owl sitting in on many an occasion!

It really concerns me that the growing trend with new (and old) home owners seems to be the removal of all trees once they’ve moved in!

May I suggest to future home buyers to live with the trees for a few seasons at least, before indiscriminately chopping them down. A deciduous tree planted correctly can be your shade in summer, and will allow the sun through in winter, when it loses its leaves.

Trees are sound barriers, wind barriers, and most importantly, they make oxygen.

And please remember to prune at the right time of the year, and correctly. So many people are using fly-by-night tree fellers, who have no idea how to prune a tree correctly, which in most cases leads to the tree dying. Pruning encourages the sap to rise, for new growth to take place, so if you chop the top of a tree off just before winter, the new growth will be killed by frost, and in many cases this leads to the death of the tree!

The excuses I’ve heard when asking why a tree is being removed are ridiculous, they make me worry about our once green neighbourhood. [People say],”The leaves make a mess”, “The leaves fall in my pool”, “Hadedas roost in them”, and “I’m scared they’ll fall over in the wind”.

My neighbour’s gardener uses a leaf blower to remove every leaf that falls in the flower beds, and [yet] he complains to me that nothing will grow under the trees. Leaves are a natural compost that nourish the soil, and protect it from losing its moisture. [They] make a fertile place for plants to thrive, rather than a hard compacted barren flower bed, [in which] nothing will grow.

I am a frequent visitor to garden centres, and see people buying trees. Where are these people, because they certainly don’t live in my neighbourhood?

Please people, let’s protect our trees, trees are precious in so many ways, we should be planting them, not chopping them down.

And plant indigenous, for the [sake of the] birds and insects!

Roelien Vorster

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