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Roelien Vorster. Editor: Roodepoort Record

We were having a quiet night at home on Monday, on the eve of Valentine’s Day when we heard a commotion outside.

My dog Jacky, a Jack Russel cross Dachshund, is an avid rat hunter, a job he takes very seriously. Each night and early morning he patrols the garden to make sure his humans are safe from these dangerous creatures. The hairs on his back stand upright while he goes in search of his next victim.

When we heard the commotion, my daughter Zandri, ran outside to see what was happening, only to find Jacky shaking a monstrous rat to death. This sight was enough to make my daughter shriek and then a nervous laugh followed.

Now, these rodents are big, really big, but it took only about five seconds to kill it. Very proud of his successful hunt, he couldn’t wait to show me while biting it to make doubly sure it was dead. This was where the fun started.

We have to get rid of the rat. Although there were better tools for the job, we decided on two brooms, and Zandri and I proceeded to try to sweep the dead rat onto one of them.

But just as we got the rat onto the one broom, along came Zandri’s blonde (she really is a dumb blonde) Pomeranian, Mitzi, who snatched up the body and ran like a bat out of hell. Much chasing ensued, with more shrieks of laughter. Mitzi got such a fright that she eventually abandoned her loot.

After another few minutes of struggling, the rat was safely on the other side of the wall. My darling daughter took a video of all this and it was only later, while watching it, that I realised how funny it must have looked to our neighbours.

I am sure there is a lonely mommy rat out there, desperately looking for her mate.

PS: Thank you, Makro Strubensvalley for my chocolates and red roses!

Until next week, keep on loving each other.


Roelien Vorster

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