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Roelien Vorster, Editor Roodepoort Record

A friend’s daughter recently fell prey to a sick sexual predator, despite all the warnings that the mother gave her daughter, who is now a young adult.

The man started flirting with her daughter on WeChat and as chats usually go, it turned sexual.

The young woman played along for a while but when the man started insisting on nude photographs, she decided to end the conversation. The man didn’t take it too well and he in turn started sending threatening messages stating that he was going to expose their chats for all and sundry to see.

And he duly did. He made contact with my friend and all her Facebook friends. My friend is devastated by the fact that her daughter could do something like that and the fact that he is tarnishing her name.

This is not the first case of sexual harassment, and it will most definitely not be the last. I am sure many other girls, and maybe boys as well, fall prey to this. Although social media is a great platform to stay in touch with friends and family you don’t see too often, it also opens a can of worms.

I’ve told my daughters many times to stay clear from chatting to strangers because you never know what their intentions are.

It is clear this man has no self-respect, nor respect for any woman. This includes his mother, sister and all his female family members.

I cannot reiterate the dangers of social media enough. Make sure you are aware of who your children talk to and most of all, monitor the conversations.

The police cannot do anything about this since, most often, the man remains anonymous and provides a fake profile and name.

Until next week, take care of one another.


Roelien Vorster

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