Car stolen at licencing department

My husband and I had just finished paying off a second-hand Nissan Hardbody bakkie and were happy that this vehicle was finally going to be registered in our name and no longer in the name of the company we had purchased it from.

We arrived at the Roodepoort Municipal offices to do the change of ownership only to be told we needed to have proof of residence, so we popped off to the closest bank at Westgate to obtain a copy of our bank statement which stated our address thereon, and headed back to the municipal offices. It was between 1pm and 2pm and we were lucky enough to find a parking spot right outside the main front door.

We were inside for approximately 15 minutes. When we went outside the bakkie was gone! A JMPD taxi had pulled into our empty spot and we asked them to put out an APB about the bakkie. The officer told us that it was a regular occurrence at the offices here that cars go missing and that the area is being patrolled but no-one ever sees anything that is going on; not even the car guard who had seen us pull into the parking spot.

The strange thing about all of this is that there were notices in the municipal offices that they were under investigation and that they were on skeleton staff and a posting on my Facebook page also stated that someone had been mugged and his/ her wallet and cellphone were stolen right outside the front door. Would a surveillance camera mounted somewhere outside of the building not be a good investment to assist in the apprehension of the criminals who are responsible for these wrong-doings?

My worst complaint in this matter is that this is now the fifth vehicle that we as a family have had stolen over the years and my husband is a self-employed plumber who has had all of his tools and equipment stolen, not once but twice now, with the bakkies, and they were not insured.

This is a warning to people visiting the municipal offices; don’t got there alone, have someone with you to stay in your vehicle at all times.

Roelien Vorster

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