National Kiss A Ginger Day

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12 January is National Kiss A Ginger Day, so use this opportunity to steal a kiss from one of these amazingly attractive genetic rarities.

The characteristics defining some of the most attractive human beings in existence include fiery red hair, pale skin and blue or green eyes. People with red hair were once held to be holy, as it was believed that they had stolen the very fire of the Gods and imbued their crimson locks with it.

National Kiss A Ginger Day was established in 2009 by Derek Forgie as part of a Facebook group. Their intention was to stop the far less fun day, called National Kick A Ginger Day that took place in November. Gingers everywhere were tormented and assaulted in schools after this aggressive event took place.

Redheads are some of the rarest genetic expressions in the world, with true redheads representing between one and two per cent of the world’s population. The range of colours that can be seen varies from burgundy to bright copper, with a few instances of an unfortunate bright orange in between. While this colour is disparaged in some parts of the world with the phrase ‘like a red-headed stepchild’, the rest of the world has an undying love affair with them. Red hair dye is one of the most popular hair care products and comes in a variety of shades – including some that would never be found in nature.

Celebrating National Kiss A Ginger Day is simple – just find one of these individuals and offer to give them a big old kiss – with their permission of course! – to show your appreciation for their stunning and unique colouring. You should always ensure you have their permission. If you would like to be more subtle in your celebration, offer all your favourite redheads a Hershey’s Kiss candy, or an Italian Kiss ice-cream.

Go out there and celebrate National Kiss A Ginger Day and use #NationalKissAGingerDay to post on social media.

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