Nala has been found!

I'm home!

Nala, the pitbull/ boerboel cross who went missing from Dazzling Doggy Spa in Helderkruin on 21 December, has been found!

According to her owners, Tony and Tania Aube, she was healthy, and the only signs of her 21-day expedition were some ticks, and a loss of weight. Tony said he was very happy that Nala had been found and is back at home where she belongs.

“We can see she is happy to be back at home, although she is displaying some nervous behaviour, which is understandable. She has been living in the veld for three weeks and had to face fireworks, thunder, lighting and rain,” Tony said.

He also said that they will be taking Nala to the SPCA to have her microchipped and buy her a collar

Nala is happy to be home. Photos: Supplied

Nala is happy to be home. Photos: Supplied


Tania said she couldn’t believe it when she received the picture of the dog found in Little Falls. “I looked at the picture they sent me and immediately knew it was my Nala,” said an overwhelmed Tania. According to her she was very excited, but also scared that Nala might disappear again. “I asked Shoaneez – who spotted Nala – to call the dog by the name ‘Nala’, and see if she responded. Shoaneez confirmed that there was a definite reaction and I went to my boss and told him I have to leave to go and fetch my dog,” she said.

But, upon their arrival at the property, Tania said she did not see a dog and her heart sank. She then asked the members from the rescue group – who were already there – where Nala was now, and was pleasantly surprised when her furry baby ran to the gate to greet her. “Nala was very excited to see us, and could not wait for us to open the gate so she could greet us. As soon as the gate opened, she jumped into the leash, went straight to the car and climbed in. She could not wait to get home,” Tania said.

Have a look at the video of her happy reunion by the 9th Day rescue centre

Naomi Alberts from Dazzling Doggy Spa said she felt very relieved after receiving the good news.”I cannot believe Nala managed to stay in the area for three weeks without being found. This is the area that has been searched extensively – not once but numerous times. I believe that my request for an angel to guard Nala was granted. I am sure that, if Nala could talk, she would tell us amazing things,” she said.

Tania and Tony Aube with Nala.

Tania and Tony Aube with Nala.

On the evening of 12 January, Naomi and Elaine (Dazzling Doggy Spa’s owner) handed the R3 000 reward over to the people instrumental in reuniting Nala with her owners. “If it wasn’t for Shawn and Shoaneez Govender, Nala might still be missing. They are true heroes,” said Elaine.

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They also wanted to thank everyone who helped in the search to find Nala.

*At the time of receiving the happy news of Nala’s return, this week’s edition of the Record containing an article stating that Nala had not yet been found, had already gone to print.

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