Swing into Spring with Fred Astaire Roodepoort

Swing into spring

With evenings getting lighter, people daring to remove their thick, winter coats and the sun beginning to shine optimistically from behind the clouds it can only mean one thing… Spring is here!

We are here to help you gain confidence in your gorgeous bod, get you to ditch those woolly jumpers right in time for summer… and much, much more.

How? You ask.
You’re probably aware that dancing isn’t just an expression of art but also:

A form of exercise for all age groups
Dancing energizes your entire body and helps you lose all those extra calories that are sitting on your waist, hips and arms.

When you dance using rhythmic steps, you move all your body parts or exercise your entire body. If you do this systematically for about 30 minutes, you can lose about 100 calories.

You don’t even burn as many calories by cycling, walking or swimming, so it’s a good investment in your time to go dancing. Besides, you have much better cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure rates and a slower heart rate. You also build good bone density and have more strength and energy, besides coordination and muscle tone.

An intimate couple’s exercise
When was the last time your spouse did something so spontaneous and out of character that you asked “Who are you” – in a good way? Dancing builds confidence. It can turn a mild-mannered research scientist into a matador. So when he boldly executes a Tango maneuver that you’ve never done before, enjoy it. Whisper the question in his ear for added points.

A great way to meet new people
If you’re looking to meet new people without going to bars and clubs, one of the best places to go are dance classes.
Social dancing like Latin and swing are all about meeting and dancing with new people of every level of skill and experience. You’re actively encouraged to talk to strangers, take them in your arms and learn how to move together as one.

A skill building activity for kids
Whilst there are many benefits of traditional team sports, such sports may not be suitable for younger children. If you are looking for a way to channel your child’s seemingly unwavering energy, you may like to consider the benefits of dance classes.
With child obesity on the increase, we can of course appreciate the physical benefits of encouraging children to dance. But in addition to helping children burn off excess energy and stay healthy, dance offers numerous other benefits.

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At Fred Astaire Roodepoort we are firm believers that an early year’s dance experience will help children to develop body control, coordination, balance and spatial awareness. Children also get to experience a range of gross motor movements and fine motor movements.

Fred Astaire Roodepoort’s trained instructors know just how to make you move to achieve all of the above.
What are you waiting for, this is your last chance before the calendar turns to summer. Have fun, make friends, get in shape and associate yourself with one of the country’s top dance studios.
Great news your first lesson is on us, click here to claim yours now: http://fredastaireroodepoort.co.za/swingintospring

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