Hope despite severe cruelty

Claw vet Marike Calitz with Hope who is currently recuperating before she has her leg amputated. Photo: Roelien Vorster.

Her name is Hope – because hope still shines in her eyes, even though her leg will have to be amputated due to the extent of her injuries.

Another case of severe animal abuse is being investigated, this time by Community Led Animal Welfare (Claw) after a female mixed-breed puppy aged about six to eights months, was brought in.

When Claw’s vet at Durban Deep, Jennifer Gerner, first saw the state the pup was in, she was totally shocked. The pup had to be taken to the clinic in Luipaardsvlei because it was in such a bad state. There she asked veterinary nurse Angela Voyiatzakis whether she was ready to deal with the situation. “I knew it must be bad,” said Angela, “but I was very shocked.”

Apparently, the youngster who brought the pup into the Durban Deep office told Jennifer it belonged to someone else. “Before we make an assessment, we will have to investigate further because we think there might be more to the story,” she said. A rope had been tied from the puppy’s neck to her rear thigh and pulled tight, preventing her from walking normally. Angela said it seems as if the pup had been left like that for some time. “Hope must have tried to walk because the rope has cut into the flesh, muscle and tendons to such an extent that it was literally tied to the bare bone. She was severely emaciated, hypothermic and had a severe infection in the leg. She must have hobbled along trying to get to food and failed.”

Luipaardsvlei vet Marike Calitz said this was the worst case of animal abuse she had ever seen. “Unfortunately we won’t be able to save the leg, but we can’t amputate it now – Hope first has to get stronger, in order to survive the surgery,” she explained. She said Hope is currently on antibiotics and responding well to treatment. “She is eating very well and her temperature is stable. She is being kept warm under infrared lights at the moment.”

According to Marike, Hope can still live a healthy, happy life. “Dogs can live normal lives even if they lose a leg. We have received quite a few requests from residents who want to adopt Hope and as soon as she is ready, she will go to a good home and enjoy a happy life.”

Angela said the education of pet owners and the sterilisation of their pets is of the utmost importance, and Claw spends a lot of time educating the residents in the areas they work in. “People should not be afraid to report animal abuse.”

When asked what will happen to the original owners of the pup, Angela said, “We’re investigating to make sure we have our facts straight, but an animal abuse case will be opened against them.”

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