Update: The Pelser baby case at a glance

Marthinus Pelser at his first court appearance. (Phot: Riaan van Zyl).

22-year-old Marthinus Pelser who was arrested for the alleged death of his six-month-old baby boy, will appear in court again tomorrow (22 June).

Magistrate Delise Smith will be taking over the proceedings from Magistrate Veena Khrishna who presided over Pelser’s first appearance last Friday. At this stage it is uncertain whether he will plead and/ or apply for bail. Pelser has asked for state-appointed legal representation.

So far …

• The baby’s mother returns from work on the evening of 11 June and finds the boy dead in his cot. He allegedly suffered a fractured skull, broken bones and burns.

• Before she can ask Pelser what happened he flees in her vehicle.

• The community is shocked by a Facebook post by Pelser on the night before the baby’s death that read “Do not push a man to violence, who has been looking for an excuse to use it”.

• Detectives tirelessly work around the clock following up leads after appealing to the public for help.

• After five days on the run Pelser’s vehicle is spotted by a resident, Nicoli Roscher, on the side of Christiaan de Wet Road. Minutes afterwards she sees Pelser in Wilhelmina Avenue. Roscher, a Record journalist and the police rush to the scene. A barefoot Pelser, wearing only a windbreaker and shorts is arrested.

• On Friday 19 June Pelser makes his first court appearance in front of Magistrate Veena Khrishna, still wearing the same clothes he was arrested in. After the prosecutor explained what had happened on the fateful evening she informs him of his legal options. She also sternly warns him of the seriousness of a bail application and that he should consult with his legal team once appointed. Pelser asks for state-appointed representation.

• After his appearance he is taken to Krugersdorp Correctional Facility.

• On 21 June the baby is cremated.

The Record is currently in the process of contacting Pelser’s family but has been unsuccessful thus far.

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