Racist metro cop: “I don’t want him fired”

This sight is apparently allowable, according to JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar, given the officers are on duty. Photo submitted.

The victim of an ethnic slur, Steven van Eeden, says he doesn’t want to have the alleged racist metro cop fired but rather want the situation remedied.

Van Eeden this morning (Wednesday 13 January) managed to get a case opened with the JMPD’s internal affairs department regarding the incident which took place outside the Roodepoort Licensing Department a week ago. He intervened when a metro cop allegedly started yelling and cussing at two elderly women, one of which are disabled, when they requested him to remove his van from a disabled parking bay in order for them to use it.

Metro cop gets racist after caught red-handed

“I have no intentions to get the officer fired; rather, I want him to apologise to the people concerned in person, especially to the disabled woman who was disadvantaged by this act.

“Further I would like internal affairs to remedy his behaviour by sending him to attend an anger management course, or something which would sharpen his people skills.”

He said he received professional assistance from the officer aiding him in opening a case and said the metro police were accommodating.

“This sort of complaint or investigation should not be forgotten once it’s over, it should remain on an officer’s permanent record and officers who have repeated such offenses should be dealt with accordingly,” Van Eeden said.

In the meanwhile a second photo of metro cops parking in designated disabled bays came to light. According to JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar, this is allowed as JMPD officers are exempt from these traffic infringements, given that they are on duty.

“The metro police in Roodepoort regularly park there to upload or offload expensive camera equipment used in their everyday duties; their vehicles are usually not parked in those spaces longer than 15 minutes and they usually visit the parking lot when it’s at its busiest.”

The current fine for such a traffic violation seems an insignificant amount once you consider the injustice done to disabled persons. On this, Minnaar did not comment.

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Mathilde Myburgh

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