Pupil, 16, murders grandmother with sword

“My friend romanticised murder and told me before that he would kill people.”

This according to the friend of a 16-year-old boy that allegedly murdered his grandmother with a sword and was arrested on Monday afternoon 15 December.

The Hoërskool Florida pupil sought refuge at his friend’s house after the alleged murder on Monday. Details as to the Roodepoort Police’s knowledge of the murder are still hazy; however, the police arrested him at his friend’s house in Nelson Street, Georginia, on Monday afternoon.

The friend told the record that he was horrified by the events on Monday.

The murder allegedly took place at the boy’s home on Monday morning while his father was at work. His sister, grandmother and their domestic worker was at home.

“Both death and murder were fascinating concepts to [my friend],” he said adding that “he always spoke highly of assassins and serial killers and imagined himself as an assassin.” His words paint a picture of a disturbed individual that eventually committed a crime he romanticised.

“It’s all very confusing and chaotic,” the friend said.

“There must have been fear instilled in the family because his sister locked herself in her room and was not attacked because of it,” he said.

“I understand that their domestic worker fled from the house.”

A sword that allegedly belonged to the boy was used to stab and kill her.

The boy eventually came to his friend’s house to hide after her death.

Mathilde Myburgh

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